The backlash against Travis Scott following the tragic crowd surge incident at his Astroworld festival has found the rapper under extreme pressure.

A rep for the rapper says Scott hasn’t stopped grieving since the tragedy that occurred at the festival. Now, it seems protests against the rapper have begun, with a woman appearing outside of the home of the rapper. A week has passed since it was noted that nine people lost their lives after attending the concert. Because of that, a woman took a day to protest outside of the mansion of Scott. The woman held up signs that said, “Travis Scott lives here,” along with another sign that said, “You destroyed lives, you deserve bankruptcy.”

The woman reportedly spoke to ABC13 and said, “It was multiple levels of failure, by the event organizers, the performers, officials.” She continued by saying, “Local city ordinances and permits were clearly overlooked, security protocols were clearly not implemented when this was declared a mass casualty incident. That’s why I’m here.” She concluded by pointing out the brands mentioned on her sign, saying, “I think these parties should go bankrupt. I haven’t seen an apology from any of the parties involved, and I understand they’re probably tight-lipped for legal purposes, but this was a mass loss of life for a concert. And it was completely preventable.”