Ballerz Mixtape started up as a line of home-made compilations of music promoting up-and-coming Artists from Canada and the U.S.

These tapes would take songs from Major Label artists, and essentially merge them with that of the Indie Artists…all while sequentially beat matching each song, creating seamless mixes of Hot tracks mixed by DJs and Producers from all over North America.  These mixtapes were produced in home basement studios and independently released. Each Mixtape would have a “For Promo Use Only” label placed on the covers.

Creating a Buzz in the Montreal/Ottawa area of Canada, these tapes began receiving support from indie labels, promoters, and DJs all over.  The result allowed these Unsigned Artists to get their music heard, which eventually caught the attention of Major Labels and Distributors nation wide…giving the opportunity to enter the music business and thrive. Now more than ever, Artists need online platforms to release their new music and videos. The concept of Mixtapes still exists for Artists (signed or unsigned), as it now becomes a race for streams and playlists on digital music networks worldwide.

The Ballerz Mixtape brand stays committed to provide hot content from the up-and-comers and the majors alike. So stay tuned, and keep your ear to the streets…

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Past Projects

Ballerz Mixtape Presents...Scarface x Papa reu: Staying Rooted

released 2016

For years, Papa Reu and Scarface have released many classic tracks that the music industry has come to love. As a tribute to the Houston legends, GePpetto put together a memorable playlist of classic hits, and provided the soundscape for this classic.

Ballerz Mixtape presents...Straight outta Cali

released 2015

Inspired by the biopic film ‘Straight Outta Compton’, this mixtape features tracks from Dr. Dre’s ‘Compton’ soundtrack, blended with classic hits from Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, NWA, Eazy E, and more from the Wild West. Mixed by GePpetto.

Ballerz Mixtape x HBO Presents: Ballers The Mixtape

released 2015

Tracks inspired by the hit HBO series. A taste of Miami, with a mix of Trap/EDM/Hip Hop/Dance/Canadian Club. Blends and cuts by GePpetto. For Promo Use Only.

Ballerz Mixtape Presents...Hot Summer JamZ '15

released 2015

All the hits from Summer of ’15, GePpetto brings back this coveted mixtape series…as it includes tracks by Drake, Meek Mill, E-40, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Future, Ty Dollar $ign, Rihanna, and more!

Just press play…

Ballerz Mixtape x Makin' it Mag the mix vol. 2

released 2014

Makin’ It Mag teams up with Ballerz Mixtape to put together this wicked mixtape consisting of hot remixes and dope featured singles from indie artists all over the United States such as ‘Balenciaga’ by ATL’s very own Alexis Ayaana, and ‘Swervin’ by Diction (Houston, TX).

This project was sliced and diced by GePpetto…who else?

Ballerz Mixtape x GePpetto Presents: Breaking Trap

released 2013

Ballerz Mixtape and Montreal DJ/Producer ‘GePpetto’ join forces to release this mixtape project as a soundtrack to the Emmy Award Winning Hit series “Breaking Bad” which consists of genres such as EDM, Trap, Hip Hop, and Electronic music. Shout out to Walter White, Certified Trap, Trill HD, Trap-A-Holics, Mad Decent and the whole Trap movement.

Ballerz Mixtape x La mouvement collectif: The metro mix Vol. I

released 2012

Acollaborative effort between Ballerz Mixtape and La Mouvement Collective (STM). This mixtape was made in dedication to Montreal’s world-class subway system. Mixes and production were provided by Montreal’s very own DJ/Producer ‘GePpetto‘.

GePpetto x Ballerz Mixtape: Shut your trap

released 2011

This mixtape consisted of a blend of TripHop/EDM/Trap beats and remixes which was cut and mixed together by GePpetto. Cover design courtesy of Ballerz Mixtape Inc.

Ballerz Mixtape x GePpetto: In the mix

released 2010

Montreal producer and DJ “GePpetto” releases In the Mix Volume I under the Ballerz Mixtape imprint, and consisted of dope mixes and blends of HipHop, Trap, RnB.

Hot Summer Jams: Summer Heat Vol. 2

Released 2008

Diction hosts Volume 2 of the “Summer Heat” series, as DJ G-Money provided the cuts and blends on this mixtape which consisted of HipHop, R’n’B, Reggae, Dance, Pop, and more. The project also included the original mix to Diction’s hit single “Birthday Suit” featuring Slim of 112 produced by G-Money.

DJ Smallz x Diction: Let's Talk Business Vol. I

Released 2008

Ballerz Mixtape in collaboration with Southern Smoke and New Money Records releases Houston rapper Diction’s mixtape titled “Let’s Talk Business” and was hosted by Miami’s own, DJ SMALLZ. The project featured artists such as Gillie the Kid, Papoose, and Ryon Keif, and more.

Hot Summer Jams: Summer Heat Vol. 1

Released 2007

Re-vamping the “Hot Summer Jams” series, Ballerz re-released it under Summer Heat Volume I mixed by Ottawa DJ G-Money (of the G-Money & Dice fame). This project was hosted by Houston, TX up-and-coming rapper Diction, whom also provided some exclusive tracks and remixes as part of the project.

The Bobby Booshay Mixtape (Re-Mastered)

released 2006

A remastered version of the Color Changin’ Click’s “Bobby Booshay” Mixtape. When this mixtape was first released, it was a big deal in Houston, and people were going crazy over the hot freestyles. People started recognizing that C.C.C. could make it big and succeed without Swisha House, which then led to other Swisha House rappers leaving and starting their own mixtape groups. 

Ballerz Presents: The Best of deuce DEUCE

released 2006

Ottawa DJ “Dice” hosts this greatest hits Mixtape/Album from the Ottawa hip hop group deuce Deuce (Harvey Stripes & Nelson Down). The project included remixes, original tracks, as well as some classics that deuce DEUCE recorded together before they disbanded as a group. Nonetheless this project was 🔥

DJ Kay Slay: Death Before Dishonour Vol. 2

released 2005

Belly drops the 2nd volume of the hit series ‘Death Before Dishonour’ which was hosted by the legendary street sweeper DJ Kay Slay, and featured hot tracks by artists such as Toronto’s Point Blank, J.R. Writer (Dipset Records), Loon (Bad Boy), Bumpy J, and Massari.

Ballerz Presents: G-Money & Dice 4.0

Released 2005

Keeping the streets hot, G-Money & Dice dropped the sequel to their 2004 mixtape which made so much noise in the streets. Once again, the mixtape included dope mixes, blends, and was blessed with freestyles and exclusives from up-and-coming artists such as Belly (CP Records), Diction (Black Currency) and Massari (CP Records) among other artists.

DJ Kool Kid x Belly: Death B4 Dishonour Vol. I

Released 2004

Collaborating with CP Records (Ottawa), Ballerz provided label support and marketing for up-and-coming rapper Belly’sDeath Before Dishonour” series, assisting in street campaigns and promotions. This mixtape was co-hosted by Bad Boy’s Loon, and included freestyles by hot indie artists such as Diction from Houston, TX.

Ballerz Presents: G-Money & Dice 3.0

Released 2004

Continuing with the “G-Money & Dice” craze, the duo DJs released Volume 3 of their prolific and self titled mixtape series, which made much noise in the Montreal/Toronto/Ottawa areas. This mixtape included freestyles, exclusive tracks, and remixes from artists in Canada and the U.S.

Ballerz Presents: Hot Summer Jams Volume 2

Released 2003

It was summer of 2003 when DJs “G-Money & Dice” launched the 2nd volume of the Ballerz Mixtape series. This mixtape consisted of Hip Hop, R’n’B and Reggae along with freestyles and remixes from artists in the Nation’s Capital of Canada…slapping DJs in the face with that heat!

Ballerz Presents: Hot Summer Jams

Released 2002

This mixtape was a follow up to the Ballerz Basketball Tournament in summer of 2002. It included hot mixes and exclusive freestyles from up-and-coming rappers from the city of Ottawa, Canada.

Ballerz Mixtape Vol. I

Released 2001

B allerz started off as a Basketball Tournament in Canada’s Capital, (akin to the And 1 Tournaments) which gained popularity in neighbourhood communities. This was the official, and first Mixtape ever released in junction with the Tournaments, bearing the “Ballerz Mixtape” name…thus the series was born! #Throwback

...And that's just to name a few 🙂