In light of his recent back-and-forth with Kanye, Soulja Boy sat down with The Breakfast Club to share his thoughts on the situation.

Soulja Boy started out addressing Kanye by stating, “Who the **** [is Kanye] to decide if the album is hard or not. Put the song out on the album and let the people decide. We in 2021, music change all the time. Kanye, you drop the most trash ****. You ain’t never dropped a trash song in your life?”

Soulja Boy went on to say that Kanye’s Yeezus album was “trash,” but he explained that he would be willing to give it a few more listens before “publicly disrespecting someone’s art.” After telling Charlamagne that he’s never made a trash project, Soulja Boy then addressed Kanye, telling him to “be more open” when it comes to features on his projects.  When asked if he would work with Kanye again, Soulja Boy admitted that he never wanted to speak to Kanye until he recently apologized.