18 Nov

Akon Doubles Down on Saying Africans Don’t Think About Slavery, Black Americans Still Do

Akon addresses the controversial comments he made about African women vs. African American women by explaining the differences between the household structures. The platinum-selling artist then revisits his bold statement about African Americans not being able to get over slavery. He doubles down on his opinion by outlining the mindset that he believes African Americans

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17 Nov

Voters in 4 U.S. States Elect to End ‘Slavery as Punishment’ for Inmates, But Not Louisiana

As the midterm voting polls neared closure on November 8th, one of the most talked about topics among American citizens and media outlets was ‘slavery as punishment.’ America abolished slavery in 1865, but various exception clauses have enabled certain states to use it from a punitive standpoint. When the voting polls opened this week, nineteen U.S.

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