Haitian authorities have detained several suspects, including two United States citizens, for the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse.

Haitian law enforcement has escalated their manhunt in an attempt to prevent vigilante justice as seen in the above clip. The video shows a mob of Haitian citizens escorting two alleged Colombian assassins through the Petion-Ville neighborhood after they were beaten and bound with rope. The two Colombians were reportedly hiding in bushes when they were spotted and captured. Additional videos on social media showed police apprehending suspects who had been attacked by citizens with machetes. According to the Associated Press, the crowd chased the police escort.

“They killed the president! Give them to us! We’re going to burn them!” Haitian citizens reportedly shouted outside of the police station.

Haitian citizens also vandalized and set fire to cars believed to be the property of the alleged assassins. Interim Director of the Haitian national police, Leon Charles, said five of the vehicles used by the suspects had been recovered but three were destroyed by the angry mob. According to The Washington Post, three suspects have been killed so far, while 17 are detained and eight are still at large. Besides Haitian Americans, all other suspects are believed to be Colombian nationals. At least three suspects had been killed, authorities said, while 17 had been detained and eight others remained on the run. Officials had earlier said that four of the suspects had been killed. Other than the Haitian Americans, officials said all other suspects were believed to be Colombian nationals.