Jada Pinkett Smith opened past addictions, particularly drug addiction, on the latest episode of Red Table Talk.

During the conversation, Jada’s mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris spoke about her past addiction prompting Jada to reveal her own struggles. Back in 1996, Jada said she “passed out” while on the set of The Nutty Professor due to a “bad batch of ecstasy.”

She said the ordeal was “eye-opening,” but admitted at the time, she lied to her colleagues about why she lost consciousness. “I told everybody that I had taken…’I must’ve had old medication in a vitamin bottle.’ That’s what I said.” The incident was the catalyst that caused Jada to make serious life changes. “Got my ass together and got on that set. That was the last time.”

Jada noted that she wasn’t a daily user but used enough on the weekends to impact her lift. “It’ll take me two bottles to get to—okay, if I do ecstasy, weed, and alcohol at the same time, I’m gonna get there faster and I can keep the high going because then I can just keep drinking ’cause I know ecstasy’s gonna last me about three, four, five hours.”