According to U.S. officials, a conspiratorial money laundering arrangement between China and Mexican drug has developed so intricately that it has become nearly impossible for Homeland Security to pinpoint the funding.

The partnership is reportedly saving the Mexican Drug Cartels hundreds of millions of dollars with innovative ways of transferring money that is far less risky than transporting cash back and forth across the U.S. border. The theory is based on a connection that dates back several years, as drug traffickers in China have remained a crucial source of a critical ingredient used by theĀ Sinaloa CartelĀ and Cartel Jalisco Nueva GeneraciĆ³n (CNJG)Ā to manufacture fentanyl and methamphetamine. Congresswoman Ashley Hinton (R-Iowa) recently shared her thoughts on the international matter by outlining how the alleged actions of the Communist Chinese Party are lining the pockets of Mexican Cartels, making them far more formidable adversaries in the eyes of Homeland Security.