22 Aug

New U.S. Quarter Featuring Mexican-American Activist Jovita Idar just Went into Circulation

Several decades after some of the first newspapers in the U.S. were established during the American Revolution, publications like El Progreso illustrated the stories of Mexican-Americans in Texas during the Mexican Revolution. Back then, a young writer named Jovita Idar was at the forefront of journalistic story-telling that often confronted racism facing her community. Jovita was so passionate

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12 May

U.S. Govt. Officials Believe Mexican Drug Cartels Are Teaming Up w/China to Launder Money

According to U.S. officials, a conspiratorial money laundering arrangement between China and Mexican drug has developed so intricately that it has become nearly impossible for Homeland Security to pinpoint the funding. The partnership is reportedly saving the Mexican Drug Cartels hundreds of millions of dollars with innovative ways of transferring money that is far less

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20 Apr

Nipsey Hussle’s Estate Reportedly Beat $5M Lawsuit Filed by Singer Over Royalties

In 2021, it was reported that the estate of Nipsey Hussle rejected the royalty claims of singer Tasleema Yasin, who says she was not adequately compensated for her work on “Hussle & Motivate,” from the rapper’s prolific ‘Victory Lap’ album.  Yasin claimed she was an uncredited co-author of the single from Hussle and contributed a

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