Ever sinceĀ Jake PaulĀ knocked out former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in their celebrity boxing rematch, he’s been toasting himself on social media with celebratory tweets and images of a lavish Caribbean vacation with his girlfriend, Julia Rose.

The YouTuber has been riding such an emotional high from his 5-0 boxing record that he recently offered to retire from the sport altogether in order to try his hand at mixed martial arts in the UFC. But it doesn’t appear as though the boxing world is ready to let the YouTuber walk away just yet. That’s becauseĀ Sports Illustrated just named Jake Paul its “2021 Breakout Boxer of the Year.”Ā While 24-year-old’s pay-per-view numbers are far more impressive than most professional boxers, legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum still has not deemed Jake Paul worthy of a pro-level fight.Ā Bob Arum’s discouraging remarks about facing a seasoned pro are unlikely to deter Jake Paul, who has gone on record to say that he would like to challenge the top middleweight fighter in the world, Canelo Ɓlvarez, before he officially retires.