05 Dec

Evander Holyfield Does Impression of Mike Tyson Biting His Ear & Spitting Out a Piece

Evander Holyfield continued to discuss the infamous biting incident with Mike Tyson during their 1997 match. Holyfield described Tyson’s behaviour as ‘barbaric’ and postulated that Tyson resorted to biting due to his inability to best Holyfield in a fair fight, leading him to use drastic measures as an escape method. Despite the shocking incident, Holyfield

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28 Nov

Victor Wembanyama Debut Jersey Reportedly Sells at Auction for $762K

A devoted fan of Victor Wembanyama didn’t hesitate to invest in the hype surrounding the NBA’s emerging star. The rookie’s debut jersey with the San Antonio Spurs was auctioned at Sotheby’s last week, initially projected to fetch around $100,000. However, the bidding competition exceeded expectations, with an unidentified buyer securing the jersey for an impressive

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23 Nov

Stephen A. Smith Calls NBA ‘Soft as Tissue Paper’ Amid Draymond Green Choking Gobert

The NBA community, including Stephen A. Smith, expressed shock over a recent incident between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Golden State Warriors. Draymond Green ejected Rudy Gobert from the game by putting him in a chokehold, drawing criticism on social media. Former Wolves player Patrick Beverley called out Karl-Anthony Towns for not intervening to separate

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20 Nov

Chad Ochocinco Recalls Using Viagra Before Games, Made Him Move ’10 Times Faster’

Shannon Sharpe and Chad Ochocinco entertained viewers with their show “Nightcap,” engaging in a humorous discussion about Ochocinco’s claim of taking Viagra before football games. In the episode, Ochocinco explained that half a pill, combined with Red Bull, enhanced blood flow and improved performance both on and off the field. He emphasized the increased speed

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