The bloody war between the neighboring countries of Russia and Ukraine has resulted in millions of Ukrainian citizens being displaced.

On the opposing side, Russia may soon be entering the digital dark age. On the heels of being denounced and deactivated by social media powerhouses such as Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, it is now being reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin may disconnect their country from every single Western online service. Aside from the fact that the Russian government wants to control the narrative about the highly publicized war, they are in the midst of a mass exodus as several Russian citizens have been affected by global sanctions, their opposing views of the conflict, and being vilified by foreign countries on a global scale. If President Putin and the Kremlin go through with this decision to take their country off the grid, it could have a negative impact on an economy that is already suffering.

Vladimir Putin is Preparing to Cut Off Global Internet Access For Russians.