31 Mar

Feds Sue Apple, Accuse Them of Smartphone Monopoly in Antitrust Lawsuit

A recent antitrust case filed against Apple by the Department of Justice could have significant implications for the smartphone market. The federal government is accusing Apple of monopolizing the market and driving out competition, which drives up consumer prices. The lawsuit alleges that Apple has created barriers that make it difficult and expensive for competitors

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23 Mar

Stephen A. Smith and Charlamagne Share Their Thoughts on Black Conservatives

In a conversation between Stephen A. Smith and Charlamagne tha God, they discuss black conservatism and the upcoming 2024 Presidential election. Charlamagne expresses support for black conservatives but criticizes Black MAGA supporters, feeling they’re against the basic interests of black people. He reflects on Biden’s controversial “you ain’t black” remark, feeling it was problematic but

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10 Mar

Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes Off on BBC Reporter Asking About Jewish Space Lasers

Controversial Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was present at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida on Super Tuesday, where she was approached by a BBC reporter.  BBC’s Emily Maitlis asked Greene about conspiracy theories, and she responded, “Well, let me tell you, you’re a conspiracy theorist, and the left and the media spread

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26 Feb

Donald Trump’s New ‘Never Surrender’ Sneakers Reportedly Sell Out Hours After Launch

Donald Trump announced his entry into the sneaker market at Philadelphia’s Sneaker Con, unveiling metallic gold high tops called “Never Surrender Gold Hi-Tops” priced at $400 and limited to 1,000 pairs. The sneakers, resembling Nike Air Force 1’s and Jordan 1’s, sold out on the first day, but their design was mocked online. At Sneaker

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