Jack Harlow just reached another career milestone.

During a recent stop in Malibu, the Grammy-nominated rapper got the chance to chop it with the legendary Nardwuar. The episode, which began with J. Cole singing the show’s theme song, touched on a wide range of topics; however, it was heavily focused on Harlow’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Just seconds into the conversation, Nardwuar presented Harlow with a vinyl copy of “1nce Again,” the 1996 single from A Tribe Called Quest. Harlow credited his mother for putting him on to ATCQ, and said “1nce Again” was one of his favourite songs.

“I manifested this,” said Harlow, who gave a shout-out to Nardwuar during his Hot Ones appearance last year, which Nardwuar thanked him for at the 20:36 mark. “I used to be in my bedroom, watching Nardwuar interviewing the artists I looked up to. I get chills thinking about. Nardwuar is someone I grew up on, and I always said, ‘One day, I’m gonna do a Nardwuar interview.’ I said it, and it happened because I wanted it to happen. It’s amazing. Thank you.”