NFL star Marshawn Lynch always comes through with hilarious and wise sayings but also can reel in on serious moments.

Now, Lynch has taken time to speak to Dr. Fauci on the COVID-19 vaccine and made it a point to ask real questions that didn’t leave any room for misinterpretation. Dr. Fauci noted that his goal is to get more Black and Brown folks to get vaccinated and pointed out that he’s aware there’s been reluctance to move. Lynch saw through all of it and simply asked, “Can I be myself??” This led Lynch to ask if the vaccine would leave him more “f**ked up” as opposed to not taking it at all. Along with that, Lynch asked, “Will the vaccine shorten my life expectancy?”

Fauci responded by saying that the Black community faces a higher rate of diabetes, hypertension, and obesity more than whites, which means COVID-19 could be more deadly for the group.