The change in presidents has found communication opening up a lot more with the White House, as artists, entertainers, and athletes were looking to visit.

However, it seems that COVID-19 is still very much a threat and has reportedly prevented the Los Angeles Lakers from heading to D.C. to connect with Joe Biden. The Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA championship in October 2020, and it was unknown if the team was going visit Biden upon him getting into office. LeBron James previously stated he was with it, but reports are saying the team will not be making that happen this year. The reported visit was supposed to occur while the Lakers were in D.C. from April 27th through the 28th to face off against the Washington Wizards, but that trip has been scrapped. It was noted that scheduling challenges along with coronavirus protocols for the team had shuttered the visit. It was noted that an NBA team hasn’t been to the White House since 2016.