20 Jan

Manny Pacquiao Defeats Adrien Broner in Unanimous Decision

Manny Pacquiao has defeated 29-year-old Adrien Broner after 12 rounds.

The judges scored the fight 117-111, 116-112, 116-112 all in favor of Pacquiao.  Pacquiao dominated the fight throughout the match.  On the other hand, Broner was only able to land 50 punches out of the 295  that he threw. The latest victory for Manny potentially opens the door for Mayweather Pacquiao Part II.

Pacquiao vs. Broner: Highlights


In the post-fight interview, Manny stated: “I proved in my last fight against Matthysse and now I proved it again. At the age of 40 I can still give my best. The Manny Pacquiao journey will still continue.”  



Adrien Broner Denies He Lost Against Pacquiao, Tells Jim Gray: “I’ll Be 7-0 Against You!”

After losing a unanimous decision against Manny Pacquiao, Adrien Broner definitely argued sportscaster Jim Gray during their post-fight interview. “I beat him, everybody out there knows I beat him. I controlled the fight, he was missing. I hit him clean more times. I clearly won the last seven rounds.”  When Gray brought up that Broner averaged less than 8 punches per round, Adrien responded: “It already sounds like you was against me. I ain’t getting a fair shake talking to you. I did this for the hood. You all know I beat that boy.”

Broner said that the real reason why he lost was that the promoters were looking to set up Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2. When Jim stated that Adrien was 3-3-1 in his last 7 fights, Broner replied that he’ll be 7-0 against Jim Gray.  “Well, that wouldn’t mean much” was Jim Gray’s response before ending the interview.


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#adrienbroner believed he won the fight.

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