A former government contractor named Larry Hall recently made headlines upon completing a ‘Survivor Condo’ that he claims is capable of withstanding a doomsday scenario or the apocalypse.

This is interesting because the world just endured its fifth-ever global pandemic (Covid-19) and World War III has been a trending topic since the highly consequential conflict between Russia and Ukraine got underway in February of 2022. Larry Hall constructed his ‘Survivor Condo’ with the assistance of a team of Army Corps engineers. The facilities include a swimming pool, a movie theater, a climbing wall, a gym, food stories, and an area designated for medical-related activities/supplies. Protected by concrete walls capable of resisting wind at 500 miles per hour, this underground community also features camouflage gear for its would-be inhabitants along with an array of guns and combat gear.  Larry Hall says that his ‘Survivor Condo’ can house 75 people per silo. For those who wish to secure a spot in his post-apocalyptic haven, prices range from $1.5 to $4.5 million.