According to reports, Megan recently claimed that 1501 and owner Carl Crawford drained all the money from the company without paying the rap star.

A motion was filed with the rapper voicing concerns that she will not get paid. The rapper’s legal team alleges that the primary account for 1501 has less than $10,000 left in there, despite way more than that amount being deposited. Court documents have the exact amount redacted, but the rapper and her team claim the amount is in the millions. 

The rapper’s team claims J. Prince and Gee Roberson are the only people being paid. The two previously mentioned are who run the label as of now. Because of the issue, Megan and her legal team filed a motion asking a judge to appoint a third party to manage the finances of 1501 Certified Entertainment. As of now, Megan is suing the record label for royalties and securing her release from her contract with the label.