In the Philippines, it is plausible that one can encounter a Reticulated python and a giant golden-crowned flying fox on the same day.

Each other of these animals is native to the region and considered the largest of their entire species, but unlike the apex predator, giant golden-crowned flying foxes (also known as golden-capped fruit bats) are on the brink of extinction. Typically, neither of these animals interact with people, but if a Reticulated python slithers its way within striking distance of a human, the incident could result in the prey being swallowed whole. While Reticulated pythons spend most of their lives underground, spotting a golden-capped fruit bat is even more of a rarity.

In 2020, photos of these bats went viral primarily because of their large wing span, which can be extended beyond five feet. A startling image of a ‘human-sized’ golden-capped fruit bat has been making its rounds on social media this week, prompting people to debate the validity of their size and capabilities.