It was revealed that TikTok was set to be banned in the United States by the Trump administration, but the ban was temporarily put off after TikTok was bought by Oracle.

Trump spoke on the deal, saying “I have given the deal my blessing. I approve the deal in concept.” Now, a federal judge has partially granted TikTok’s request for an injunction against a U.S. ban by the Trump administration.



Judge Carl Nichols could not speak on the case since his opinion was issued under seal, which means his opinion wasn’t made public. John Hall—an attorney for TikTok spoke on the matter, saying, “This case is about the freedom of expression. Yes, TikTok is an app, but it is more than that. It’s a modern-day version of a town square … and it’s huge. One hundred million users, a third of the country. If the prohibition goes into effect, the consequences would be great. It’d be no difference than the government locking everyone out from that town square, roping it off, telling a third of the country that it’s not interested in hearing you. And the government would take this action at a time when need for communication is at absolute zenith — 37 days before an election.”