07 Dec

The U.S. Army Wanted to Use the ‘Call of Duty’ Video Game to Recruit Blacks & Latinos

According to reports, the United States Army funded a series of Call of Duty tournaments on Twitch in order to expand their demographic and gain access to more Blacks and Latinos (between the ages of 18-24) as a means of recruiting. In-house Army documents revealed that sponsorships for a fair amount of distinguished streamers were distributed periodically

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15 Nov

Researchers Predict What Humans Will Look Like in Year 3000 Due to Reliance on Tech

About one year ago, an international telecommunications company called TollFreeForwarding recently shared their research with the public regarding the evolution of mankind and how we all may look by the year 3000. The images recently went viral. According to the group’s virtual prototype, ‘Mindy,’ humans will have a hunchback, “text claw,” thicker skin, a smaller

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14 Oct

Mario Movie trailer response is overwhelmingly positive despite Chris Pratt debate

The first trailer for The Super Mario Bros Movie has been met with an overwhelmingly positive reception, despite the ongoing debate around Chris Pratt voicing Mario. The trailer was shown last week as part of a special Nintendo Direct presentation, and shows two scenes: Bowser invading a penguin clan’s castle, and Mario arriving in the Mushroom Kindom for

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08 Oct

Elon Musk Welcomes Kanye West Back to Twitter After He Calls Out Mark Zuckerberg

Kanye West has been using Instagram to air out all of the text messages he’s been receiving from various people who have reached out following the “White Lives Matter” controversy stemming from his YZY Season 9 show in Paris. The rapper has exchanged words with Diddy, the creative director of Supreme, and more. Since then, West hopped

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