13 Jan

SoundCloud Reportedly Going on Sale for $1 Billion

As per Sky News, Singaporean firms Raine Group and Temasek Holdings have initiated discussions with investment banks for a potential auction of SoundCloud. Founded in 2007, SoundCloud swiftly became synonymous with both underground and emerging artists. The platform boasts 375 million tracks from more than 40 million artists, as per the company’s statement. If this

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24 Dec

Meek Mill Makes Doomsday Prediction After Post About Zuckerberg’s Bunker

It was recently revealed that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is building an underground bunker in Hawaii, which was uncovered in an investigation by Wired.  Planning documents were obtained by Wired, which show that Zuckerberg is expected to build a 5,000-square-foot underground shelter complete with an escape hatch. It will also be self-sufficient thanks to an

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02 Nov

Dr. Steven Greer on Why Government is Hiding Alien Technology from the Public

Vlad discussed the transformative potential of new technologies, citing electric cars as a prime example. He noted that while they may displace traditional industries, the ultimate societal benefit should be valued above such issues. However, Dr. Steven Greer challenges Vlad’s perspective, pointing out that the potential disruption goes beyond individual industries – it threatens the

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01 Nov

Meta Sued by 42 States for ‘Addictive’ Features on Instagram Targeting Youth

A bipartisan coalition of 42 attorneys general is suing Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, alleging that these platforms have addictive features targeting children and teenagers. The lawsuit, filed in multiple districts, indicates a significant legal challenge to Meta’s business. Attorneys general from 33 states filed a federal suit in California, while nine

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