Police bodycam footage has surfaced showing Black Panther director Ryan Coogler being wrongfully detained by police while trying to withdraw money from the bank.

Apparently, Coogler’s attire were red flags according to the bank’s anti-theft protocol. As a result the teller alerted authorities who subsequently detained the famed director. The award-winning film director sincerely thought he was being polite and discrete in not drawing attention to himself because of his Hollywood stature. But instead, his unusual request and incognito appearance —  behind a hat, sunglasses, and a face mask — triggered the bank’s anti-theft regulations. Therefore, the bank staff called the police and Ryan Coogler was detained along with the two people who were waiting for him in a nearby SUV. In an interview with Variety, Ryan Coogler revealed that he was mistaken for a burglar after he walked into a Bank of America branch in the city of Atlanta and handed the bank teller a note on a filled-out withdraw sheet that read:

“I would like to withdraw $12,000 cash from my checking account. Please do the money count somewhere else. I’d like to be discreet.”

Once the cops realized who Coogler was they unhanded him and chalked the entire ordeal up to a simple misunderstanding with the bank teller. Nevertheless, Coogler was so appalled by the detainment that he asked for the badge numbers for each of the officers that were involved in his apprehension. But at this point, he just wants to put the unfortunate event behind him.