Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour captivated fans worldwide and made a significant impact at the box office.

According to Variety, the global tour grossed an impressive $579 million, drawing in 2.7 million concertgoers over 56 dates in 39 cities. In the context of Billboard Boxscore, renowned for tracking major global tours for decades, Beyoncé’s tour ranked as the seventh highest-grossing, an extraordinary feat. She stands out as the only woman, Black artist, and American solo act in the top ranks, defying industry norms dominated by white male artists. Notably, this list does not yet include the 2023 tours by Beyoncé, Metallica, Taylor Swift, and others.

Despite ongoing estimates, Beyoncé’s tour achieved this remarkable status in just 56 concerts, a striking comparison to other artists in the top 10 who typically required at least 100 shows to achieve similar sales. The Rolling Stones came closest to Beyoncé’s achievement, earning $547 million across 58 performances. At the top spots, Elton John ($939.1M) and Ed Sheeran ($776M) needed 330 and 258 dates, respectively, to reach their totals.