Since launching Cold As Balls in 2017, Kevin Hart’s comedic Q&A platform has been graced by the likes of sports media tycoons such as Skip Bayless, boxing legends like Floyd Mayweather, and WWE stars like Bianca Belair and Logan Paul.

The 2018 People’s Choice Award winner welcomed WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio to the locker room for his post-game cold tub talk show. During the candid discussion between the 5’2 comedian and the 5’6 pro wrestler, they dived into Rey Mysterio’s upbringing in San Diego, California, as the youngest of four. As the conversation moved along, the WWE United States Champion gave a nod to his uncle Miguel Lopez, a former pro wrestler known as Rey Misterio Sr. Talk of being mentored by his uncle led to a discussion about bringing his son, Dominik Mysterio (the current NXT North American Champion) into the pro wrestling business, and WWE’s current storyline that has them working as in-ring rivals. The 48-year-old also reflected back on the fulfilling experience of facing his son at Wrestlemania 39 back in April.