Turk came through shortly after his August interview with VladTV, and he started off by addressing his viral clip about cheating on his now-wife while he was in prison.

Turk denied rumors that he hooked up with a male inmate in prison, adding that it was “clickbait,” and he went on to speak more on the situation. Moving along, Turk also addressed another viral clip, where he spoke about “penitentiary games” that guys play with one another, which led to him clarifying his previous statement. Turk then turned his attention to Birdman’s recent sit-down on the Big Facts podcast, where he spoke about why he used to kiss Lil Wayne on the mouth, which led to Turk once again addressing the situation. Elsewhere, Turk spoke about the controversy surrounding DaBaby, R. Kelly being found guilty on all counts, Drake saying Lil Wayne is still his idol, and revealing the Cash Money reunion tour is not happening.