A shocking video surfaced showing hoards of people running toward a moving U.S. Air Force plane leaving Afghanistan less than 24 hours after the Taliban regained power in the country.

The incident took place at Kabul’s main airport, Hamid Karzai International Airport, where at least five people were reportedly killed after the U.S. military, which has control of the airport, opened fire. The reasons for their death weren’t made clear on Monday, with some reports speculating whether they were crushed in the stampede, or if they were hit by gunfire. The video shows at least one person falling from the sky after managing to get on the wing of a plane, and landing on a rooftop as the giant aircraft ascended. A Taliban spokesperson spoke to CNN, telling the publication that they would leave the Kabul airport under U.S. control—at least for the moment so that all foreigners can leave the country.