Tony Yayo talked about the camaraderie and infamous humour within the hip hop community, particularly highlighting 50 Cent’s playful ribbing of Busta Rhymes.

The discussion kicked off with Vlad recognizing Busta Rhymes as one of the greatest hip hop performers, alongside Wyclef Jean, recounting his stellar opening acts during the Final Lap tour. Yayo chuckled as he reflected on 50 Cent humorously mocking Busta Rhymes’ “zesty” outfit on Instagram. He emphasized that 50 Cent’s antics are all in good fun, noting that 50 is known for dishing out jokes but can just as easily take them. The conversation veered into a broader discussion about social media dynamics and the rap industry’s tendencies to fuel online feuds. Yayo listed 50 Cent among the top personalities one should avoid arguing with online, labeling him as a relentless force on social media.