Entertainment blogger BlogXilla just gave Tom Hanks and Tim Allen some added Toy Story 4 promotion that they weren’t expecting, following the unanticipated test on black culture they received while on a press junket for the latest blockbuster from Disney.

While referencing a previous SNL clip that Hanks appeared in called “Black Jeopardy,” BlogXilla decided to test their ‘black cards’ by giving them a scenario for spades, where out of the two Hollywood stars only Forrest Gump was able to play along.

“Do you bid nine, or do you bid 10, go wheels and go all out for it?” they were asked during the segment, leading Hanks to say with confidence that he’d ‘bid 10 and go all out,’ as Allen conceded that he had no idea what they were talking about. From there, Hanks attributed his knowledge of card games to his upbringing in Oakland, noting that around his neighborhood everyone was playing a game similar to spades called whist.