About one year ago, the city of New York gave its police officers the order to allow residents to smoke weed in public.

It looks like the city is becoming even more lenient because soon members of the NYPD may be able to smoke weed without having to face the prospect of being drug tested by their employers. On Wednesday, the city gave the largest precinct in the country an order to cease all marijuana-based tests on its police officers. But the NYPD is pushing back on that notion, going so far as to release a memo to its officers demanding that they ignore the legislation and refrain from smoking weed on or off the job, suggesting that they would be fired if they did not adhere to their orders. 

The new legislation comes at an interesting time because the city’s mayor, Eric Adams, recently went public with disdain for how New York always seems to smell of weed and his desire to rid his city of the stench. The news also seems to have pitted various members of law enforcement against one another, as many of them don’t want their fellow brothers in blue to be able to smoke weed at all.