Approved by Colonel Sanders himself, the KFConsole is here – and it finally solves a problem that literally no one cared about until now: how to keep your chicken warm while gaming.

The KFConsole, created in partnership with PC hardware manufacturer Cooler Master, promises to shake up the console war like a bag full of 11 herbs and spices with its built-in chicken chamber – a world’s first. It means the days of stomaching lukewarm poultry or suffering through a slightly cold piece of thigh are thankfully over. And it’s about time. The KFC console was first teased back in June, and caused more commotion on social media than a fox entering a chicken coop. Demand, strangely, was high for a console from the long-running fast food chain, and well… here it is.



The KFConsole is designed to keep your freshly purchased food piping as you frag foes online, something which the PS5 and Xbox Series X simply can’t do (and we wouldn’t advise trying, either). The custom built cooling system extracts system heat around the outside of the chicken chamber, so the hardware stays suitably cool and your chicken stays warm.

You can head to Cooler Master’s KFConsole page for more details, but we’ve got a breakdown of the rig’s specs and potential price point here:

  • Cooler Master’s KFConsole promises “the latest titles in stunning 4k, 240fps”
  • The company’s mod team, led by the Swedish craftsman “Timpelay“, is responsible for this beauty, including:
    • Chassis: Custom build of Cooler Master’s NC100 (about $200 USD)
    • Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element: A PCIe-based module with an 9th Gen Intel mobile chip inside, basically housing multiple components in one easy-to-use container (about $1,000)
    • GPU: An unknown Asus RTX-supported graphics card in the rig’s “hot-swappable GPU slot” (about $250 – $500)
    • SSD: Two (2) Seagate Barracuda / Firecuda 1TB SSD (about $200)
    • VR-ready with Ray-Tracing technology, 240FPS with 240Hz output, and 4K-quality gaming