Kanye West’s support of Donald Trump and Candace Owens has caused him to lose support from many of his famous peers.

In fact, you’ve probably seen at least five or six celebrities speak out against Kanye in the last few weeks alone. When West wore the “Make America Great Again” hat, coupled with his comments on slavery being a choice, Black people nationwide decided to disown the legend.

Slim Thug, who is a legend in his own right, took to social media to call out the celebrities speaking down on Kanye West. “And to you celebs out there, doing all these clips and interviews, everybody wanna speak they mind on this man. Think about yourself,” he beings.

Think about how f***ed up you are, and how much f***ed up s**t you did, and think about if a motherf***ing Kanye West, one of the top most famous motherf***ers, did an interview clip about you and told you when you f***ed up.” Slim Thug does have a point.

It’s hard to side with certain rappers, who claim ‘Ye’s comments are hurting Black culture, when some of those same artists only rap about drugs, misogyny, killing other Black people, and money, which are all just as, if not more, detrimental to Black culture.

That’s troll s**t, ” Slim Thug continues. “That’s some groupie s**t at the end of the day. Don’t be hating on no man if you’re a m***herf***ing celebrity. You more of a m***herf***ing coon than he is, tryna take your own people down.”


Slim Thug Calls Out Celebs Criticizing Kanye West

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