Former Bad Boy artist Shyne is returning to the U.S. twelve years after being deported to his native country of Belize.

Shyne was detained by immigration officials following his release from a nearly nine-year prison sentence for his involvement in a 1999 shooting at a New York club while there with Diddy and his then-girlfriend JLo. Shyne was selected to the Belizean House of Representatives last year, and as part of his job, he is traveling to Atlanta to meet with members of the U.S. Congress and House members to speak about the development of Belize.

He took to Instagram to speak about his trip and his fight for his country, explaining:

As I fight for the people of Mesopotamia and all of Belize to truly enjoy the promise of freedom and civil rights to a better life which includes greater access to education, equal opportunities for wealth and health, reduction in crime for greater citizen security and improved good governance so those of us elected to office to bring about the promise of better are held accountable to our oath.”