Scottie Pippen opened the doors to his Chicago-area mansion for Architectural Digest, which he’s owned since 2004, the year he retired from the NBA.

Pippen explained that his Chicago home is more of a vacation home, as he primarily lives in Los Angeles. Inside, there are plenty of amenities to entertain Scottie’s family and guests, including a wine cellar, movie theater, a gym, sauna, an air hockey table, and a vintage Mrs. Pac-Man game. There’s also an indoor basketball court, which features a blown-up image of Scottie’s Bulls jersey on the floor. While speaking of the court, which was an addition, Scottie stated:

“Basketball has been my life. My kids sort of follow my dream of wanting to be a professional basketball player one day, so this was an addition that we added on to the house. They are always in here hooping and playing at one, two in the morning, so I felt like this was a great investment.”