Roland Martin came through for his first-ever VladTV interview, and he started off by speaking to Shawn Prez about being born and raised in Houston’s Clinton Park area.

Roland revealed that he has been in media since he was 14, and he explained that he went to a magnet school, which is where he got his start in being on a TV set. Roland added that on that set, he learned that the power on set lies with the person in the control room. Moving along, Roland spoke about being from a huge Catholic family, and he detailed being at his grandparents’ house every Sunday. Roland added that he had 37 cousins, so he didn’t have room for friends, and he went on to speak about his family always engaged in debates about various topics. Roland added that this taught him how to be a “mercenary” when it came to debating, and he went on to speak about him and his family members getting into trouble in school for debating teachers. From there, Roland shared a story about plotting to take over the junior Catholic group when he was in 7th grade. After adding that they took over the adult division when he was in 8th grade, Roland spoke about speaking at city hall meetings in his city as a teen. Roland explained that through his experiences, he was well-informed about politics and power when he was a kid.