The world is now engulfed in the booming era of streaming, innovative apps, and businesses solely based on social media.

Therefore, hustle culture has produced a plethora of self-made CEOs and influencers who have carved out their own niche in the most unorthodox of fashions. None more so than social media darling, Amouranth. Known for pushing the envelope with her racy and suggestive online content, the 28-year-old Houston native reportedly earns over $1 million a month on OnlyFans alone. So, it’s only natural that the audacious gamer felt confident enough to test the boundaries of her male-driven fanbase by offering to sell them her farts in a jar for a whopping $1,000. Amouranth just announced that her latest venture will be available for a limited time only and she’s calling the product “Cutie Pa-TOOT-ies, Scents By Amouranth.”