The state of Ohio just passed legislation that would allow gun purchasers aged 21 and up to openly carry their weapons without a permit, background check, or any training at all.

The Senate Bill 215 aka “Permitless Carry” has been openly opposed by police in Ohio because of the direct parallels that it has with the state’s rising crime rates. The legislation is especially shocking considering the fact that Ohio gained global attention for the infamous ‘Dayton Shooting’ of 2019 and the way in which Connor Betts fatally shot nine people in one night. Now Senate Bill 215 lays at the feet of Republican Governor Mike DeWine, where his constituents will anxiously await his approval. Although the Yellow Springs native has stated his support for open gun carry laws in the past, he has faced staunch opposition since the ‘Dayton Shooting’ of three years ago. He has not released an official statement regarding the new bill in nearly nine months.