Offset had time this morning for anyone hating on his wife Cardi B, and he let his feelings be known in a series of tweets that crowned her as the GOAT and an inspiration to women just like her.

It’s unclear if the tweets were prompted by the backlash behind the recent #SurvivingCardiB controversy, as the tweet-storm started around 1 am and continued throughout the morning. The Migos rapper set it off with since-deleted tweets that read “Tired of h*** hating on the Goat Cardi bow down it’s her time,” later adding that “all you h*** rap cuz my wife gave y’all hoes hope not to s*** d*** the rest of ya life and catch money.”

He then clarified his statements by saying “Not talking bout prior female artist talking bout the female artist that come from my wife background,” as he noted that Cardi is an inspiration to every bartender and stripper with a dream to move on from the club.  Moments later, he put all his chips on the table to say “let’s make a bet my girl against any man or woman,” while responding to criticism he received on Twitter for what he believed was a misinterpretation of what he said.