02 Jun

Offset Buys a Car for the Man Who Saved His Life After Car Accident

Offset has displayed nothing but humility since rebounding from his near-fatal accident in Atlanta earlier this month.

With nearly every video or picture he’s shared, has come thanks to the lord for blessing him with a second chance at life. On Wednesday, (May 30) he took a little time out to thank an ordinary man who he claims saved him from the grave.

In a video clip that has been going viral, the Migos rapper presents a man – who he introduces as Jamar, with a brand new Nissan Altima to call his own. “THANK YOU JMMAR FOR HELPING SAVE MY LIFE. GOD IS GOOD,” the recording is captioned.

As he tells it, Jamar happened to be on his way to work when he noticed the wreck and sprung into action. Moments earlier the rapper lost control of his Dodge Challenger upon swerving in order to save from running a so-called “crackhead” over on the road. That’s when Jamar tended to the accident and found Offset attempting to climb out of the banged-up whip.


#Offset buys a car for the man who saved his life after car accident

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