Odell Beckham Jr. is suing Nike after claiming they withheld millions from him in an endorsement deal. 

“When Nike exercised its right of first refusal to match the Adidas offer and not only kept me as a Nike Athlete, but also made me one of their brand Icons – my dream had been fulfilled. Unfortunately, Nike did not honor its commitments. Throughout our partnership, I have kept my promise and fulfilled my obligations to the brand. I am extremely disappointed that I’ve had to take these measures to ensure Nike fulfills their obligations and promises.” 

OBJ released a statement on Monday (November 14), which read, “Being a Nike Athlete and Brand Icon was a dream I’ve had since being a young boy. I wanted to be the next Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, LeBron James or Kobe Bryant in the Nike Family.

After his deal with Nike ended in 2017, Beckham was offered a deal with Adidas, which he turned down after Nike offered to match the deal to keep him. The Adidas deal was worth an estimated $47 million, and in his lawsuit, Beckham claims that “Nike is willfully withholding millions of dollars and inventing excuses not to pay him.” 

TMZ reports that Nike withheld over $2 million in a $2.6 million payment to Beckham in March, as they claim he violated their contract terms regarding gloves and footwear while he was with the Rams. Beckham shot back at Nike’s claims, as he pointed out that his custom gloves have never been an issue, and he added that Nike never provided him with cleats that matched the Rams colors. Overall, Beckham claims he’s missed out on $20 million in his contract.