It was recently revealed that the 77th division of the Los Angeles Police Department had been targeting a litany of businesses owned by Nipsey Hussle and his brother, Blacc Sam, in a now-defunct secret initiative called “Operation Laser.”

The primary focus of the police investigation was to monitor the famous Marathon Clothing store and the surrounding area but it also extended to the late rapper’s family members and business associates. According to Nipsey Hussle’s brother, Blacc Sam, the presence of the LAPD quickly turned into harassment as it became more clear that law enforcement was trying to impede the growing success that the sibling duo enjoyed in the area.

“We were selling shirts, socks, clothing, and shoes across the street from the Louisiana Fried Chicken,” said Blacc Sam. “They would come and arrest us, cuff us, and take all of our stuff. We would be looking up as all of that happened like ‘Damn, we just lost thousands of dollars of merchandise. Y’all not doing this to nobody else.’ We trying to be legit…Their whole goal was just to shut us down. Even though positive things were happening in the store.”

The harassment didn’t stop there, it’s being rumored that the LAPD used technology to predict crimes and they even attempted to encourage the landlords of the property where the Marathon Flagship store was located to evict Nipsey Hussle and his brother Blacc Sam, but they refused because of the economic impact of their success in the area. While alarming on its surface, the details of “Operation Laser” were unbeknownst to Blacc Sam and the rest of Nipsey Hussle’s family up until now. There is no word on whether or not a lawsuit from the family is forthcoming.