In wake of the “Money Challenge” that has been sweeping the nation, rappersĀ 50 CentĀ andĀ Soulja BoyĀ haveĀ laid claim to being the inspiration behind the new trend.

In fact, each of the entrepreneurial emcees posted old pictures of themselves, spelling words with wads of American dollars. While Soulja Boy’s photo was dated for the year 2016, it appears as though his former mentor’s image was timestamped one year prior. Nevertheless, no one can actually prove when the photos were taken. Hence, fans of both rappers have engaged in playful banter, back and forth all week about exactly who is the originator. Today, LL Cool J stepped in and put the notion to bed once and for all. In a Twitter post, the 54-year-old rap icon posted a classic picture of himself, looking into the camera lenses, while wearing a Kangol hat and a huge gold chain. And right next to him laid a stack of ice cubes that spelled his name perfectly.