In celebration of the NBA’s 75th anniversary season, the league unveiled a series of newly designed trophies for All-Star weekend, including the new Kobe Bryant Trophy to be awarded to the All-Star Game MVP.

The Kobe Bryant Trophy is quite elaborate and the NBA provided full detail about the design via Instagram:

Base Dimension: The eight-sided base represents Kobe’s No. 8 jersey number. The 18 stars around the trophy represent his 18 All-Star selections. The base height of 2 inches is a nod to his 2002 NBA All-Star MVP.

Level 1: The 24 stars represent Kobe’s No. 24 jersey number. The 7-inch height is a nod to his 2007 NBA All-Star MVP.

Level 2: The 10 stars represent Kobe’s USA Basketball No. 10 jersey. The 9-inch height is a nod to his 2009 NBA All-Star MVP.

Level 3: The five stars represent Kobe’s five NBA championships. The 11-inch height is a nod to his 2011 NBA All-Star MVP.

Level 4: A single star represents Kobe’s NBA MVP Award in the 2007-08 season. The 2-inch height of the final star represents his two Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP awards (2009, 2010).