According to reports, a man named Eddie Lee Howard was wrongfully convicted for the murder and rape of a Mississippi woman in 1994.

Howard was accused of doing the acts to an 84-year-old woman named Georgia Kemp. Howard was previously linked to the crime by a doctor who reportedly compared Howard’s teeth to the bite marks found on Kemp’s body. However, after almost three decades, Mississippi’s Supreme Court ruled that the bite marks were not enough to link Howard to the murder of Kemp. Because of that, the case’s outcome was reversed and remanded. Howard issued a statement on his situation, saying:

“I want to say many thanks to the many people who are responsible for helping to make my dream of freedom a reality. Thank you with all my heart, because without your hard work on my behalf, I would still be confined in that terrible place called the Mississippi Department of Corrections, on death row, waiting to be executed.”