Last season, the Milwaukee Bucks capitlized on a series of postseason injuries to key players on the opposition throughout the playoffs en route to the franchise’s first NBA championship in over 30 years.

The momentous feat naturally called for a championship ring that matched the accomplishment. The ring is equipped with a scannable QR code that leads to highlights from the team’s championship run and has an extra diamond encrusted loop which allows for the ring to be worn as a pendant. Jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills spoke with reporters about the ring’s concept and what informed the design:

“A lot of players were not able to wear their rings; they weren’t practical. You might take it out on Christmas Eve to show the family, but other than that, they can’t wear it. I wanted to create a ring that had more versatility, where a player could wear it and let it be comfortable. This one is just as big as these massive rings, but we developed a technology that allows the ring top to be taken off with a push button system, and the ring top can be converted into a pendant.”