Previously, a condominium in Surfside—Champlain Towers South collapsed, resulting in the death of 9 people.

It was noted that in the massive collapse, there are still 156 people unaccounted for. Miami Dade County Mayor Levine Cara spoke on the situation and revealed that “additional human remains” were found. Now, neighboring city Miami Beach has reportedly declared a state of emergency due to the condo collapse. Miami Beach said the declaration was to make sure there wouldn’t be “reimbursement of emergency-related expenditures” due to a large boost in the number of emergency personnel and massive media presence.

The city went on to say “A significant portion of the staging for the emergency response efforts is taking place within Miami Beach, including use of city streets, property and other facilities for search and rescue command centers, the use of city parking lots for personnel and equipment, and the use of city property to support the significant media presence on the scene of this national tragedy.” Stay tuned for more updates.