Recently, a deadly tornado made its way through New Orleans, with the city declaring a state of emergency as a result.

According to reports, areas like Arabi, located in St. Bernard Parish were hit hard. Now, New Orleans native and mogul Master P has tapped in to offer help to residents affected by the devastating natural disaster. While speaking to TMZ, Master P revealed he sent “Team Hope” to the 9th Ward, where much of the fallout from the tornado happened. According to P, the team he sent is made up of community members, family, and friends. The crew has helped out over 100 families in the 9th Ward, giving out supplies needed and helping older folks fill damage claims. Team Hope has also been helping with salvaging wrecked homes and cleaning up damage caused by the tornado.

Master P spoke on the impact of the tornado and how close it hit, saying his relatives live only seven blocks away from where the tornado caused havoc. The rapper then gave encouraging words, saying, “New Orleans is stronger together … it’s time to clean up and rebuild. We have done this so many times we have to be thankful for life.”