Lil Durk has shared the video for “Blocklist” from his recent album 7220, and it stars a lookalike—Shmurkio, also known as Perkio—who recently went viral for a prank at a Florida shopping mall.

Prior to the visual’s release, Durk revealed that he employed Shmurkio to play his doppelgänger. “PERKIO shooting block list with the real Jerry,” Durk wrote. “This might be the biggest ish 2022.”

“Blocklist” sees the lookalike play the rapper perfectly, with some added emphasis on his reactions. Instead of going for a more comedic approach with the use of Shmurkio, the Jerry Production-directed video plays it completely straight. In the wild original prank video, Shmurkio and filmmaker King Cid pulled out all the stops to convince fans that it was the real Durk. They rented a Lamborghini and a security team, hired fake paparazzi, and replicated Durk’s tattoos. A huge crowd of fans could be seen posing and cheering with Shmurkio, seemingly unaware he wasn’t actually the Chicago rapper. The full clip showed the amount of effort the team put into the prank.