03 Apr

Larry King: Second Amendment Was Created to Suppress Slave Rebellions

Former CNN host Larry King became the latest to join the debate about gun control, and the famed broadcaster believes that the “poorly written” Second Amendment should be repealed.

“I favor changing the Second Amendment, King said to TMZ on Wednesday. “Yeah, repeal it. “It’s poorly written. What’d they mean by ‘militia’?”

King went on to claim that the Second Amendment was created as a tool to quell rebellions by slaves. You know who started the second amendment? King asked. ‘It was southern senators, so they could ward off slave uprisings,” he said, before throwing a jab at the National Rifle Association. “The NRA is the worst.”

King’s comments come after former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’ wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times, suggesting that repealing the Second Amendment will usher in a more change to the country than just changing requirements on background checks or raising the age to own a gun. Stephens urged current gun control activists to seek a repeal of the amendment as it would be “more effective” while offering “more lasting reform.” Like King, Stevens questioned whether present-day Americans would need to form a militia against the threat of a national standing army coming to their doorsteps, claiming “that concern is a relic of the 18th century.”


peep the clip below:

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