Klay Thompson may have torn his ACL in the NBA FInals but he remains one of the more coveted free agents in this year’s class.

The former Washington St. Cougar is looking to be treated as such, specifically in reference to the Warriors. Rumors spreading around the league have it that Klay will listen to other teams’ offers, particularly the Clippers.

According to ESPN’s Zach Lowe:

“If [the max] isn’t there for Klay Thompson Sunday at 6:01 p.m. Eastern, the Warriors can then expect him to go out and take a meeting, meetings. The one team that my information is he would be very open to sitting down with are the Clippers. If they have the chance to be able to sell Kawhi Leonard on a partnership with Klay Thompson, certainly that’s an appealing sell for any free agent and vice versa.”

Golden State can offer Klay the five-year $189.7 million max deal but reports say they haven’t indicated that such an offer will be on the table come the start of free agency.