The 21-time Grammy Award winner moves with precision in the entertainment industry.

Thus, when he dropped his music video for “Eazy” on the exact same day that Kim Kardashian announced that their divorce was official, it’s very unlikely that it was a random coincidence that the video referenced his ex-wife’s current boyfriend. The music video itself features animated depictions of Kanye West, The Game, and Pete Davidson in various sections. However, the most glaring aspect of the video is the images of the character based on Pete Davidson getting kidnapped and buried underground with his head barely peeking above the surface. This marks one of many playful threats that the 44-year-old rapper has aimed towards Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. The verbal and printed shots at the SNL comedian may seem harmful on the surface but they have undoubtedly contributed to Pete Davidson’s decision to beef up his personal security team and to deactivate his Instagram account.